I served as associate pastor of River Hills Baptist Church, Corpus Christi, Tx. from 2000 to 2010. During that time, Bryan Slaton served as our Youth Minister for about 3 years. Bryan was full of energy, a good bible student, and teacher. Related well with the youth. He planned and executed several mission trips for the young people and always had a good turn out for all his programs. Under his leadership, that group of teenagers almost doubled. I am certain that any activity Bryan undertakes he will do what it takes to get the job done.

-Harold Sturm
Corpus Christi, Tx.


As the Minister to Students at Mimosa Lane in 2002, Bryan Slaton worked on our staff as part of our Student Ministry team. Bryan did a great job during that time period ministering at our church and to our students. We loved having him and greatly appreciated the way he ministered to and served the Students at Mimosa Lane Baptist Church.

-Paul McDill
Community Life Church

Bryan Slaton was irreplaceable to myself and many of my peers while he was serving as a community’s youth pastor for several years. His leadership, charisma, and unique zest for life made a lasting impact on many. Bryan has always been true to his beliefs and helped others recognize and reach their full potential while breaking the mold to a greater quality life. Bryan was one that saw a need and met it. Bryan’s fingerprint was left on our community when he moved away. He forever changed the hearts and lives of many.

-Whitney Garrison
Youth Member

Now that I’m a music minister, I can’t help but think about my past experiences in the church and those individuals who helped to shape my life. Bryan Slaton immediately comes to mind. He is a man full of integrity, drive, a passion for the Lord and a passion for youth. He always stands up for what is right-no matter how hard that may be. I am a better person and minister as a result of Bryan’s leadership.

-Carolyn Baker-Finnie

My name is Justin Chapman and I am currently employed at Annaville Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Tx. It all started when I was a young man with a huge call on my heart to go into the ministry. I was a God fearing teenager with a big heart, but a lot of questions and no clue what to do from here. My youth pastor at the time was a good man, but for some reason, we just didn’t click. I still had a bunch of questions that weren’t being answered and began to doubt if God was calling me or was it just a strong emotion that I was feeling. So I hit my knees and prayed asking God for clearer direction. Was I truly being called to full-time ministry? Not two months later our youth pastor stepped down and a man by the name of Bryan Slaton stepped in. I didn’t know what to think at this time. I had already had two youth pastors and was afraid this was just going to be another guy just to fill the position.

Bryan came in and immediately I knew this guy was the real deal. He loved the Lord with all of his heart and showed us by investing his life in us. It didn’t matter the time or the place he was there. Hospitals, Games, FCA, or just hanging out he was there. He showed me what the heart of a man of God should look like so much that I knew I wanted what he had! Hours and hours he poured out to show me who Jesus was, but also what His calling was on me. Not too long after I graduated, Bryan pulled me under his wing as his intern I began to see how the church functioned and ran. Everything wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, but through Bryan’s leadership, he taught me that it always starts with me. It starts with my walk with the Lord, my heart, and my attitude. I shouldn’t expect something to be a certain way if I wasn’t willing to be that myself.

Today I have served here at Annaville Baptist Church for over ten years and I know that a lot of that is due to Bryan and his heart for the Lord and His people. I thank God for sending him my way and allowing him to teach me the ways of the Lord. I am just excited to be serving and knowing without a doubt His calling for my life and me.

– Justin Chapman
Worship/Youth Pastor Annaville Baptist Church

I have known Bryan Slaton since 2002. I first met Brian when he was a student of mine at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) in Fort Worth, Texas. He was taking the course “the Bible and Moral Issues” and he distinguished himself among the students by always having a good answer or sometimes a useful question. Unlike some, Brian was intensely interested in the subject, because he knew that what he was learning would help him in whatever ministry he would be involved in a few years later.

After Brian graduated, I lost track of him until he called me a few years later. Bryan was having some difficulties in a church where he served as a youth minister. His problems were not in any way uncommon. In fact, over the years, I have given advice to other former students in similar situations. Over the next few months, Bryan would call and ask for my advice on how to handle the situation that he was in. While I cannot be sure that I always gave him the best advice, I am sure that he tried to do the right thing.

Over the years, I have seen Bryan progress from seminary student, to youth minister, to accountant. While his employment may have changed, Brian has not. He is and always was a man of high character who always wanted to glorify his Lord, Jesus Christ, in the way that he lived. There are many men of ability, but few men of character. In Bryan Slaton, you have a man who has both ability and character. I would trust this man whether he is a minister, a businessman, or a politician. Brian’s yes mean yes and his no mean no.

I have no doubt whatsoever that if he is elected, that those who vote for him will be satisfied. He is a true man of God and a true political conservative. Bryan is what we all hope a Republican candidate should be.

– Craig Vincent Mitchell, PhD
Associate professor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
Criswell College

Bryan Slaton was a personable, enjoyable, and most effective youth minister. I always appreciated his optimism and his willingness to serve others. He left such a positive impression on the youth of our church that I believe they will never forget his influence over them.

-Dr. Scott Hobbs
FBC Lewisville, AR

I first met Bryan Slaton as an impressionable 13-year-old 7th grader. Bryan was the first youth minister I ever had and thirteen year later separated by hundreds of miles and two busy lives he continues to be someone I know I can call, night or day, who is willing to provide advice and leadership not only as a minister in my spiritual growth but also as a genuine friend. Having first-hand experience watching Bryan minister to a wide variety of young adults one thing stands out.

Bryan meets people were they are, he knows everyone has their own problems and worries and he understands these problems at the most basic levels. You can guarantee that no matter what problem he faces it will be faced with integrity and the full conviction of his Christian faith.

Bryan has helped countless individuals both young and old in their spiritual and earthly journeys. The people of House District Two will not find someone with a stronger moral compass who’s every breath is dedicated to helping others.

-Andrew Lewis
Youth Member

I had the opportunity to serve as a volunteer in the Student Ministry with Bryan Slaton when he was the Student and Family Minister at our church. Bryan led our students, including three of my own children with a strong and conservative conviction as he led them in the discovery of biblical truth.

While serving as our Student and Family Minister, Bryan accompanied a group of students including my son on a mission trip to Romania. It was not an easy decision to allow my son, who was a Junior in High School at the time, to travel internationally, but I was certain that with Bryan, he would be in good hands. The trip turned out to be a life changing experience for my son and I am grateful for Bryan’s leadership in his life at that time.

I am glad to hear of Bryan’s decision to enter the political race. We need strong conservative individuals with Christian values in our state office.

– Morgan Boardman


To the Residents of District 2 in The Great State of Texas,

My name is Jacob I. Lambert and I write to you to give you insight of a great friend of mine, Bryan Slaton, who is a candidate that is currently running to become your next State Representative. I first met Bryan in 2003 in Corpus Christi, Texas, when I was 16 years old in 11th Grade and have known him ever since. At that time my Church was seeking its next Youth Pastor and sure enough Bryan applied and was interviewed. I remember when I first met him I had just procured my first truck ever, a single cab Ford F-150 and it was a standard transmission in which I pretty much learned to drive using the sink or swim method. I just hopped in the truck and learned how to work the clutch and when to shift as I went along. Well if anyone has ever learned how to drive a standard transmission vehicle you know how daunting of a task it might be when you are first learning how to drive that vehicle, which is what I was going through.

Well when Bryan had came down for his interview, afterwards the Youth Group had a meet and greet and after that we went out to eat, well I invited Bryan to ride with me. Now If you ask Bryan about his first experience meeting me, I’m not sure what he will say, but if you ask him about his first experience riding in that truck with me while I was driving I know exactly what he will say. He will say that he was pretty sure he was about to meet Jesus Christ and he was certain he was seeing his life flash before his eyes at that very moment. I’m sure it didn’t help his confidence in me when he asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to be in Law Enforcement. Well as you can tell we are both still here and he is not currently seeing his life flash before his eyes, and for the record my driving skills are much better than they were when I was 16. Well that is how I first met Bryan Slaton and have been great friends with him for these past 13 years. When I was still in high school, Bryan led me as one of my authority figures, the other 3 authority figures at that time in my life were first and foremost my Heavenly Father, God, my Earthly Father and my Church Pastor, and in him leading me, I learned an abundance of knowledge about The Bible, God’s Word, that I never knew and still retain that knowledge 13 years later.

There are other men in my Church that were apart of leading and teaching me about how to do what’s right according to God and how to be a Godly Man, but Bryan taught me those things when I was in my latter years of high school and starting college. I can say without a doubt that God has blessed me with Bryan’s friendship and for that I am abundantly grateful. Bryan has been a great friend to me after all these years and he has willingly and selflessly given me counsel and comfort during various trials and tribulations that I’ve gone through in my life since I’ve known him. I believe that God bestows upon every person born gifts and talents. Now these gifts and talents differ from one person to another, I think that is pretty clear but one thing is the same and that is that God wants these gifts and talents used for His Glory and His Honor and for the furtherance of His Kingdom. I can see very clearly that God has blessed Bryan with the multiple gifts and talents but the ones that stand out to me are the gift of service and talent of teaching. Bryan loves to serve people and in the process of serving people, whatever group that may be, he always has and always will do what’s right by them and above all what’s right according to God because after all, it is all about God and Bryan knows this and believes this as well.

If Bryan is doing what is right according to God, the people he serves will in turn be done right by him. John 15:13 says “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Sometimes in our lives, part of serving requires fighting. There are many different ways to fight whether it is physical altercations, fighting with a pen, or spiritual warfare and fighting against temptation. Bryan is a fighter and will fight for your rights that are God Given, which are the only rights that matter in our lives. Our rights did not come from a republican or democrat but by God Almighty Himself and you can be 100% sure that Bryan Slaton has before and will fight for these God Given Rights and if it comes down to it, God Forbid, he will lay down his life for God and the people he fights for. Bryan is a man of Honesty, Integrity, Mercy and Love and no matter what might be the outcome he has and will do what is right by God and by you.


Your fellow Texan and Brother in Christ, Jacob I. Lambert